Local Writer’s Blogs & Websites

Below is a list of websites and blogs of Washington, D.C. writers. Yes, I know the list is incomplete. If you know of any local writers that should be included on the list below, please contact me. Thank you!

Barbara Lefcowitz Poetry


Beaten Biscuit (Bryce Myers)

Bernadette Geyer

Between Gods (Donna Lewis Cowan)

Blood and Gutstein (Daniel Gutstein)

Brian Jay Jones

Carolyn Parkhurst

Chez Robert Giron

Chicks Dig Poetry (Sandra Beasley)

Christopher Conlon’s Blog

Cloudy Day Art (Will Brown)

David Baldacci

D.C. Comedy Writers

D.C. Science Writers Association (DCSWA)

Enchilada’s Salon (Gregory Luce)

Erica S. Perl

E Ethelbert Miller

First Person Plural

From the Catbird Seat

George Pelecanos

Ghostbrain (Rod Smith)

Hannah Sternberg

Inkthinker (Kristen King)

 Intersections – Poetry with Mathematics (JoAnne Growney)

Joseph Ross

The Happy Booker

Kate Blackwell

Laura Hillenbrand

Lisa Couturier

Looking Toward Portugal (Steven B. Rogers)

Love the Poet

Madam Mayo (C.M. Mayo)

Maureen Thorson

Mary Kay Zuravleff

Miles David Moore

A Note from Mel (Melanie Henderson)

Perpetual Folly (Clifford Garstang)

Reb Livingston

DJ Renegade

Sarah Pekkanen

Savvy Verse & Wit

Scattered Light (Cheryl and Janet Snell)

Susan Richards Shreve

32poems (Deborah Ager)

Thomas Mallon

Trice Hickman

Washington Romance Writers

West Wing Writers

Workin’ The Word

Work-in-Progress (Leslie Pietrzyk)



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