Lines + Stars Reading this Saturday!

The Lines + Stars Winter Reading and Reception this Saturday! Featuring Mark McCloughan, Diana Smith Bolton, and Sarah Winn.  Mark your calendars. The event will be held at the Petworth Citizen.

Yes, I know the event is on a Saturday evening. Maybe you have other plans. But it’s cold outside and what better way to warm up than to listen to some great poetry. And hey, the reading and reception is free. And in this economy you can’t ask for anything more.

What makes Lines + Stars unique is that unlike other poetry and short prose journals, they cannot afford to pay writers for their work. Think about that. These writers are taking their time to entertain you for free. And what makes Lines + Stars even more unique is that they focus most of their work from  Washington, D.C.-area writers.

So let’s give Lines + Stars and all their writers a big hand and support them this Saturday.